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Saturday, April 18, 2015

an obit and a rant

 First, the obit: Alex Soto has died.  He was 49 years old.  According to published reports, the actor, comedian, and drag queen died on April 10 of heart failure at a hospital in Boston where he had been undergoing treatment for diabeties.

Now, the rant: I have written of Mr. Soto previously and those articles have been negative. And why not? In 2011, he was a prime suspect or person of interest in a high profile murder that took place in a hotel in San Juan. He was this close to becoming the OJ Simpson of Puerto Rico.  That or he was being set up for something, perhaps by other activists on the island.

Before that, he appeared he appeared on SuperXclusivo, a Puerto Rican gossip/news show broadcast on WAPA-TV hosted by a homophobic puppet character named El Comay.  There, he made a comment that was in defense of Kobbo Santarrosa (the man who created, voiced and puppeteered El Comay) and his cohost/sidekick H├ęctor Travieso, both of whom were involved in a nasty fight with LGBT activist Pedro Julio Serrano.

And then there was those times in which he appeared on Conexion Cinco, Samantha Love's internet based weekly radio show.  It was those appearances that drove me nuts about the man.  While speaking on LGBT social causes and local controversies, mostly involving Pedro Julio Serrano,  he would start out  by saying he wasn't an activist and just your average guy speaking his mind.  Then he would go one to rip everyone a new one.

And therein lies the problem.  He had all the potential of becoming a formidable activist.  He could talk the talk, and walk the walk. Instead, he tended more to act like an apologist than an activist.

For example here he is or was with Puerto Rico's most notorious homophobic pastor, Jorge Raschke:

To be fair, Raschke visited Alex immediately upon learning Soto had been hospitalized after suffering a diabetic seizure.  From what I've heard, none of the LGBT activists on the island, including Pedro Julio Serrano bothered, much less or more knew until Raschke showed up and made a thing of it.

That was Alex Soto, He would say the most outrageous things and everyone , friend and foe alike would first get mad, then laugh their asses off until it hurt.

I wish I had the opportunity to meet Alex. In fact, we have, or had mutual friends both here in NYC and in Puerto Rico, that latter which comes as a surprise to me.  That's unfortunate, because had I known, I would have reached out and encouraged him to get into the activism arena.

He could have been a contender.

Friday, April 17, 2015

no one reads your blog, con'td.

Back in January, I emailed Josh Zepps, a media personality, political satirist, and TV show host, and asked him to focus on real LGBT issues instead of those crap stories he does weekly on his weekly Huffpost Live segment, Queerview With Josh Zepps.

Real stories like all this transgenderism crap we gays have had shoved down our throats, because you know the trannies are such special snowflakes, and we need to walk a fine line between conformity and invisibility as far as they're concerned.

But his response, which came originally via email, was tantamount to a blow off.

If memory serves, because I've no need to create a paper trail with anyone, it was something along the lines of "Yeah, sure dude. Offer your suggestions on Twitter."

So I did. And no surprise, I heard nothing from the man because the reality is Twitter only exists to create content,  not conversation.  And because I am one of the most reviled people on the internet, I was convinced he was baiting me into saying something online so he can block me.   The gay blogs and writers have a tendency to do that alot, especially when yours truly says or writes something someone considers unacceptable, never mind it all be true, but whatever. 

So Imagine my surprise this morning when I receive a tweet from him asking me to send him links about this issue.

I suppose I should be flattered, but I'm actually pissed off. Don't they do any research over there at the Huffington Post?  It's not like they're out of the element because alot of people there have written stuff about transgenders. And  some have been villified for it.

How would I know? Because I read!  I know for a fact Michaelangelo Signoriile, and Noah Michelson, and James Nichols have had their asses chewed out on social media, as have many of their celebrity and non celebrity writers.

But there's been a problem here: Hell hath no fury like a tranny scorned. And instead, rather than there be a pushback against these people who think they are the language police, the morality police and  the thought police all wrapped into one, instead they fold like a cheap suit.

And who exactly are all those people in the background, running around frantically with their laptops and iPads as if something important just happened?  Are they actors or is that CGI?

Here's the thing, people: You can't have it both ways, shaming, ridiculing, and dismissing this writer and his blog as being irrelevant or worse one minute and the next you're asking me to bail your ass out because now, the trans Qaeda are at your door step, and they want you to adopt their beliefs and act they way they think you should, or else.

And I remind, again, I was the guy who stood up for the transgender community when everyone else was throwing them under the bus.  What happened? They happened.  And I've been trying to do something about it, not to much success because the people you see on Wordpress and Twitter and Facebook who share, supposedly, the same belief transgenderism a disease not a right are only interested in winning.  They don't want to follow or email or be friends. And frankly, they've become part of the problem, not the solution.

All they want to do is score points with whomever is the most popular on unpopular tranny on social media.

Fuck that. Fuck you. Fuck everything.

Josh, if you're really interested in doing something or saying something, forget Twitter.  You know where to find me.

no one reads your blog

"No one reads your blog."

"You're irrelevant."

"I don't have time for lesser known blogs like yours."

These and others are responses I often recieve, usually from other LGBT  activsts and bloggers who become popular on social media because of their tweets or something they posted on Facebook.  More often than not, it's a talking point that is used mostly for shaming, riducling, and dismising this website, a blog owned and operated by a gay man whose views and opinions and yes, his activism are considered way too controversial and complicated for the mainstream LGBT community.

And all of the above is true. I'm nowhere near as popular as, let's say, Joe.My.God, Towleroad, and GoodAsYou, I recieve like one comment a week, maybe, compared to the dozens,sometimes hundreds of comments they and others get; and yes, I have more unfollowers than I do followers on social media.

But yet isn't ironic how everyone always seems to know this here lesser known blog and know where to go to for cover (and protection) when I call them out?

And I'll say this as well; Although, If I really wanted to, I could redirect this blog's focus toward the opposition. I've done it before, and I'll do it again, when that moment deems necessary.

But I have a problem, said problem that no one wants to address or acknowledge, and one that doesn't necessarily affect me exclusively: It's the blogs I mentioned and writers who have whored themselves to corporate america and the opposition movement, the latter whom appear to be calling the shots. 

It's the sanitizing of our history and culture; the culprits, again, being gay activists, bloggers, and writers, and this insane desire by them to make this thing of ours sacrosanct.

It's the jesus freaks, the transgenders, and the bisexuals and their shallow and not well thought out ways and means.

For me, they are the problem, not Peter Lababera, Tony Perkins, or Ryan Anderson.   There are only so many ways to Sunday one can be surprised or offended by what they say or do. 

I think they call this classical conditioning.  These people, and others, say or write something that is considered hateful or hurtful about gays, and we're supposed to automicatically respond to their remarks in a certain manner. And if we do, then, oh boy, expect to hear from GLAAD or some overzealous blogger who thinks they're the shit and wants respect because Peter and Tony or some anti-gay think thank mentioned them on social media.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of it all. But at this point I really don't know if I can fault or blame Jeremy Hooper, Andy Towle, and Joe Jervis and many others for that. They're whores and their cowards and hypocrites, and it's in their nature.

At this point, the real blame has to go toward those people who think they do me favors by following on social media, but practice haterophobia.

What's haterophobia, you ask? In short, it's you, the ones who witnesses when a popular gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender activists has a homophobic or transphobic meltdown [usually on Facebook and Twitter], at the expense of another LGBT person and you pretend not to notice. 

Or, you turn the other cheek instead of retailaiting.

Or worse still, because you've so deluded yourself into the belief these people are demigods,  you actually think they have a special place for you.

I've read articles  from people who write about niche blogging; they say or write, people who say or write things like "I don't care if anyone reads my blog is a liar."

But it really is true; I don't care if people read this blog or not; especially if youre a coward and hypocrite who runs when evil and ugly rears its ugly head. If you're one of those, I don't want to know you.  I don't want to have a drink or have sex with you.  I don't want to be at your events or social gatherings.  More importantly, I don't want you following me on social media.

For some of you, I see right thru you. I've had from the very beginning.  Leave now while everyone pretends I don't exist.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep doing what I do here best; That is writing about things that piss me off whether you like or not.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

who is being fascist, peter?

Backstory: Peter Tatchell is coming under fire, again, for writing an article defending pornography.
  • Ignore the puritan porn police - smut actually saves lives -
On social media, reaction to Tatchell's column can be best described as, "WTF?"

I guess Tatchell has yet to read the article of the gay porn actor who committed suicide after a workplace shooting.

Or maybe he has, and Peter is doing his usual song and dance number online again, playing naive and ignorant; Or accusing others of taking his words out of context.

Tatchell has been known to do that... alot.

Now I'm starting to understand Scott Long's problems with this man.

Here's a tweet Tatchell posted in response to the criticism/backlash:
But who is the real fascist, Peter? Me, someone who has been personally witness and subjected to harm and danger created and caused by porn and the porn community, or could it be Peter Tatchell, himself?

I don't want to reopen old wounds; I've been dealing with enough stress and anxiety as it is, but I would remiss, if not outright irresponsible if I didn't write or mention how porn ruined my life.

And then there was that whole year long ordeal involving a controversial gay porn gossip writer and that constant harassment and personal attacks I endured from gay porn community because of him and Brent Corrigan.  I actually had gay porn actors, people I don't know in real life, much less or more have any interest in personally and professionally use me as a scapegoat when their careers faltered.

To this day, I still have no idea why that occurred.  But if there is to a positive from it all, it is porn is evil and unholy.  I don't want to come across like one of those ex-gays who blame porn for their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, or a puritan, but as a gay man, I think I've proven it completely unnecessary.

That said, if you're someone who uses porn to enhance your personal and professional lives, good for you.  I wonder how your partner must feel when he's sitting in bed next to you,  he's ready to commit you intimately, and you're busy on your laptop or iphone, watching gay porn?

Personally, I think Tatchell needs to retire or something.  His views are rapidly becoming old and outdated and fantastical.

For example,  Peter Tatchell has been, and continues to advocate for an behalf of Chelsea Manning, an anti-American and coward, who, when he was known Bradley Manning, leaked classified secrets to a controversial website. As everyone knows, Bradley now wants to be known as Chelsea, and has been demanding all sorts of special priviledges, including spending time in a women's federal prison and internet access.

Tatchell is also an fierce advocate for transgender causes; While there's nothing wrong with that, it really needs to be asked who he is advocating for.  On paper, transgsenders should be by definition, liberal; But in practice, they are very fascist.

Anyone remember the failed #boycottsochi campaign? It was supposed to raise awareness about gay rights in Russia, but instead used it to attack the Olympics and their sponsors. At one event in London, Tatchell went apeshit on a Coca Cola delivery truck.

And then there is Peter Tatchell's ongoing advocacy for pedophillia.


ROS Coward (Why Dares to Speak says nothing useful, June 23) thinks it is 'shocking' that Gay Men's Press has published a book, Dares To Speak, which challenges the assumption that all sex involving children and adults is abusive. I think it is courageous. 
The distinguished psychologists and anthropologists cited in this book deserve to be heard. Offering a rational, informed perspective on sexual relations between younger and older people, they document examples of societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal, beneficial and enjoyable by old and young alike. Prof Gilbert Herdt points to the Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea, where all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood. Far from being harmed, Prof Herdt says the boys grow up to be happy, well-adjusted husbands and fathers. 
The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends - gay and straight, male and female - had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.
While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.
Explain that to the thousands of gay men and boys on sex offender registries, Peter.

Oh wait, you haven't? Uh-huh.

I've read elsewhere Tatchell has expressed support and openly endorsed an organization known as The Pedophile Information Exchange, or PIE for short.

In anticipation, maybe, of having someone crawl out from under a rock and accuse me of hypocrisy, yes, it's true.  I have a history with these people, too.  But my advocacy ended abruptly and with extreme prejudice when I learned of a adult-child sex ring, and that these people were pretending to be gay  so as to gain access to children,  usually boys. Once they managed to convince someone they were legitimate, they would rent out these boys to other boylovers.  Worse still, when these men where eventually arrested for their crimes, instead of taking responsibility for themselves, instead they fingered innocent gay men and boys for those crimes, while, of course, protecting members of their network.

You wonder why I'm one of the most reviled people on the internet? Now you know why.

The joke is, despite his frequent rationalizing and adjusting his positions, lots of activists and bloggers, including Jeremy Hooper at lovingly refer to Tatchell as a British rights activist and often refer to him as one “one of the most widely respected leaders of the international LGBT movement."

How ideologically blind or pathologically naive can one be?

Alot, apparently.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

every time tweetdeck pings, a tranny gets their wings

Yeah, I know; the post title is insanely silly and makes no sense whatsoever; so is having the tweetdeck logo.

But yet you're one of those people who thinks not allowing trans women full access at Michfest or not granting them the right to use the bathroom of their choice when they need to move their bowels is a life and death matter.

That's not, but this is?

Or you're probably someone - Peter Tatchell - who thinks porn has its redeeming social values.  Yeah, sure, Peter; that's until someone starts fear mongering and creates a sex offender panic.

And then what say you?  You do a song and dance number on social media, that's what.

Again, I don't want anyone to assume that I have the monopoly on wisdom, because I don't. Had I, none of what happened in my own life wouldn't have happened, and I wouldn't be having these all people coming out of the woodwork making life miserable. And I would be asked to consult in cases where someone or some organization invited themselves of some right to criminalize that, Peter, which you've called "educative, liberating, empowering, fulfilling and immensely socially beneficial" instead of being shamed, ridiculed, and dismissed for life.  

I really don't want to come across like an ex-gay or puritanical, but, I don't see any benefit to porn.  As a gay blogger who spends his online day reading other gay blogs, it pains me to see someone with great writing skill and knowledge, and who can in all probably make or break this whole damn thing if they wanted to, throw it all away for a dick pic.

And that these people cant or won't step up when someone has their private pain exposed maliciously for all the world to see, because they don't want to risk losing their gateway to porn, speaks volumes.

So yes, it's true: Porn does undermine relationships.

By the way, isn't it ironic the ones giving me the most grief are gay and lesbian people, and not Anti-Gay Inc?

Now if you'll excuse me, my tweetdeck is pinging again.

with friends like these/an unwanted anniversary

This comment was left on another blog.
That moment I’m completely embarrassed to be a lesbian because of this post…please don’t include me in this type of lesbian group think. Not all of us agree. I fully support what she was doing.
The person who runs the blog determined the comment came from Erica Moise, President of the Stonewall Bar Association.. Imagine that, a woman who thinks it's acceptable for men to wave their penises in women's faces at events that are created solely for women. Real women, not the pretend kind.

Because you know, sorta female isn't female.

And therein lies the problem I have as a gay male, advocate, and blogger: It's not the people who scream about values and character and want to turn this place into the flatlands, where nothing exists except for an omnipotent being who lives in the sky who supposes loves the gays so much he wants us to live in suffering and anguish forever and ever and ever.  

No, the real problem is people like Emily Dievendorf and Erica Moise and countless other people I've cited here on the blog whom get off on silencing voices like mine (and others), and openly welcome their naive and gullible readership into shaming, ridiculing, divisiveness, stalking, harassment, doxing, threatneing, google bombing, blacklisting, etc;, those who call for greater accountability and transparency within our movement.

I don't know what to do anymore.  Seems that no matter whom I read or source or believe they have what it takes to move things forward, I'm always headed for disappointment.

Because it can't be for things that happened in the past.   That occurred at a time when I wasn't an activist and blogger, and just some idiot with an internet connection. If anything, I've proven that when it comes to those moments, those unforeseen circumstances that dump our lives, or that of a loved one down the toilet,  it is possible to rise above it, learn from those mistakes, and become a better person.

And if it really is about seeking corporate sponsorship and getting big business and government on our side,  good for you:  You really do need that Gay Inc dollar more than I do, huh?   

I mean, I get it: You're on Truvada or you're bipolar.  Those meds tend to be quite expensive.

Although it's been awhile since I've had a GLBT activist, blogger, or writer,call a pedophile and child molester, or blame me for causing catholic priests to molest children, that it happens, and happens alot, is beyond sick and disgusting.

But in anticipation of having someone invite themselves of the belief I'm showing signs of weakness, guess again, people.  It was eleven years ago tonight that I had been discharged from that insane asylum called Rikers Island that I made a promise to myself and some other people that I will never again do anything of the sort or kind that will eventually lead me back into incarceration.  I'm proud to say or write, I have, despite all the bullshit - the backstabbing, the hating on, blaming, scapegoating, accusing, lying about and everything else that has taken place at my expense, kept that promise.

These people who block me from following them for no reason whatsoever, or unfollow ...

or unfriendly or whatever the euphemism is for keyboard cowardness is, are doing me a favor.  They're telling me they're weak and they're stupid, and don't have what it takes to protect the men, women, and children who make up our community from that threat from within.

Our movement and cause has no place for this type of arrogance, ignorance, hypocrisy, and cowardice. In a few days, the race for the White House will begin officially, and the anti-gay republicans and conservatives and christians are going to throw everything at us including the kitchen sink.  These people want to give their blind allegiance to a bunch of mentally ill people.  I'm supposed to respect them and grovel? Hell no.

I've come too far in my own journey to have now people like these, Larry, Justin, Cathy, Lucas, etc. send me back to the closet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

tone deaf bisexual executve director leaves equality michigan

In a story published at, Emily Dievendorf has resigned as executive director at Equality Michigan.

This news comes just as Equality Michigan is at the center of controversy over its petition demanding the Michigan Womyns Festival allow trans women into its annual event.

I'll mention however, it's unknown if her resignation is related to the mostly anti-lesbian petition. Dievendorf is the person who created the petition and persuaded several national organizations, including the HRC, NCLR, and The Task Force to join the campaign, reportedly under the ruse the people behind Michfest were discriminating against so called women of transgender experience.

To date, both the NCLR and The Task Force have withdrawn support for the petition and activists and bloggers are urging the HRC to do likewise.

According to another blog, Equality Michigan was losing money under her watch, so it really begs to question what the hell was Equality Michigan thinking putting a bisexual in charge of a state based LGBT organization.

Keeping in theme, sorta gay/lesbian isn't gay/lesbian.  I don't know how it works with the bisexual population but it seems to me these people do not have a true appreciation what it means to be gay (or lesbian.)  This woman should have never been executive director of a state based LGBT organization.

Thanks to people like this, the L in the LGBT now want out, and frankly I can't blame them, especially now that the lunatic fringe are calling the shots.