Tuesday, September 2, 2014

and in other news...

Michael Sam

On Saturday, news came that Michael Sam, the first openly gay athlete drafted into the NFL, was cut by the St. Louis Rams as the team trimmed its roster ahead of the start of the 2014 season, according to multiple reports.

Since then,  sports writers have blamed ESPN - prior to the cut, ESPN ran a controversial story about Sam's showering habits - while the gay media is accusing the NFL of homophobia.

Has anyone considered it could be because he sucks?

Here's a factoid for everyone: Every single professional athlete who has come out and made front page news has been a habitual loser in the sport they allegedly excel in.

Daniel Pearce

Last week, someone posted a video showing Daniel Ashley Pierce, from Kennesaw, Georgia posted a candid video of himself having an argument with his family members and being beaten by his stepmother. The 5-minute video, which was posted by a friend on YouTube, has since attracted over 4 million views. His GoFundMe page was set up by his boyfriend and has raised over $90,000 in just days to help the college student with his living expenses. - See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/gay-georgia-teen-who-has-received-over-90k-donations-explains-how-video-came-be310814#sthash.HzIMvjHR.dpuf

More good news: So far, there is no evidence of a hoax.

But, would all this kindness and fundraising have occurred if Daniel were latino or black?

Gender Identity Watch

Despite overwhelming evidence the complaint or complaints that led to Gender Identity Watch's account suspension on Twitter, they still refuse to give their voice back.

for some, winning is everything, even if it means losing

Feminist bloggers/activists opposed to transgenderism can scream patriarchy all they want, but if they're going to pick and choose whom they want to join them in their battle, they can't bitch or complain when they lose the war on trans qaeda.  

And this is exactly what may have happened, which is quite astonishing given recent events. 

For those living under a rock or who may have been enjoying their summer vacation and away from all this madness, the transgender tipping point not only tipped over, it took a nose dive.  There was a hashtag campaign that backfired miserably.  Trans activists made it known their intent to invade women's spaces, including women's prisons. Worse, by openly supporting trans women convicted for high profile crimes, including treason, rape, murder, pedophillia, and even necrophillia, they've made it clear they're a threat not only to women but also  children and gay people

One trans activist, Zinnia Jones, even announced she (or he rather) would defend Adolph Hitler on CNN if he announced he was transgender.

Last but not least, there was all this fake internet outrage over Parker “Chad” Molloy, a heterosexual man who imagines himself a lesbian transgender whoo recently came under fire for telling another Man, Kelsie Jones, to “drink bleach.”

Fake, as in, the war between Parker Molloy and Kelsie Brynn Jones ended abruptly on Saturday morning after I exposed Kelsie Jones as a victim hypocrite on Twitter.

These events, and others, were an early christmas gift for lesbian feminists and their allies.

The ball was in their court. All they needed to do was score that final touchdown.

The final touchdown.

Take it home.

What happened?

They dropped the ball, they slipped, they fumbled, they fucked up. That's what happened.

So who do we blame for this? Cathy Brennan for acting and behaving more like a martyr than an activist? No, not exactly.  She's not the only feminist/woman/lesbian who was warned transgender advocacy has gone too far. But she has become the abject symbol for everything that is right, and wrong with feminism.  And many other feminists want nothing to do with her.

But those feminists haven't been of much help either.  Lots of women/feminists/lesbian advocacy writers have rightfully exposed transgenderism for what it really is, a men's right movement comprised of misogynist, homophobic men opposed to women's equality...

And then some.

But, they've done it from behind closed door, thru their nom de plumes, and throwaway GMail and AOL accounts.  They hide behind their blogs and Twitter and Facebook pages exploiting their naive and gullible readers with their weekly or monthly ramblings.

Or is it cutting and pasting?

I'm really not all too sure.

Here at ngforequality blog, I've become quite accustomed to having activists and bloggers get on their [respective] soapboxes, they scream and shout about oppression, and rights, and full equality for all, no exceptions and no sooner someone invokes an anti gayism or trope or uses one's closet and the pain that causes one to come out and fight instead of quit as a weapon against them, they fold like a cheap suit.

That happened alot too during the Summer, thank you RuPaul.

So I really cannot fault those feminist bloggers and the like.  I blame the current state of gay activism. It's been corrupted by mentally ill gay men and trannies, activists who are greedy and contemptuous, and most of all cowards.

Cowards, as in, those who say nothing, see nothing and do nothing when incidents like these occur and rather than saying something or doing something, they run; run, run, run, away from the fallen friend, baaing like the sheep on the way to the slaughter.

Here in this world that is the equality movement, there is no such thing as consequence(s).

I wrote before this is something that is not taught.  Those invitation only convenings and conferences everyone looks forward to each year?  They don't teach appreciating consequences.

If they had, I probably would have never become known as that gay blogger all the gay (and lesbian) bloggers love to hate and ignore, We probably wouldn't have allowed these people to shove their queer and or oppression theory down our throats, and most of all we would have foreseen the danger of yet another special interest group forcing their will on the majority gay and lesbian population and done something about beforehand.

But don't anyone blame me. I wrote those letters and emails.  I signed those online petitions.  You did not.  Instead you sought distractions.  Ferguson, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Michael Sam being cut from The NFL, tweeting, plusing, or liking of your fondness for the Golden Girls, or those stupid celebrities complaining to the FBI they had their nude pics stolen and they're now complaining about invasion of privacy.

Bitches, please.

But I get it.  It's about networking. It's about receiving a stipend from Gay, Inc.  You need that corporate sponsorship to supplement your monthly Truvada intake.  You got a husband/wife, child or children, a dog and cat, and you simply can't risk being fired from that dead end job.  There's a famous celebrity or porn star following you on social media and you're thisclose into fucking him or her.

You've developed a cult like following with your talent.

It's about winning the gold medal in the oppression olympics.  

It's about winning.

Not that there's anything wrong with winning.  

But at what expense?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

the more things change, the more they don't.

The transgender tipping point.

Their cup has runneth over....

And it's left a stain.

Gay Inc and the popular gay blogs are doing everything possible at damage control by trying to silence and discredit those who believe transgender or transgendered advocacy has gone too far, in terms of their needs and wants.

Social acceptance? The transgenders have it; in spades.

We've enthusiastically supported Chaz Bono as an openly transgender dancing contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Lana Wachowski was celebrated in the press for sharing her painful past of growing up transgender. Janet Mock received praise for being forthright about the hardships she’s faced and the choices she made growing up as a transgender person. Laverne Cox made history recently for becoming the first transgender person to receive an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on the Netflix hit "Orange is the New Black.

Transgenderism has become top priority in the LGBT movement.

And therein lies the problem.  It's become too much of a priority, to the point where it is no longer acceptable to say or write anything critical of transgenders or transgenderism because doing so is tantamount to a hate crime.

Am I wrong? No, I'm not.  I'm not the only person who is sick and tired from being sick and tired from all this bullshit and wants to do something about it.  There are others.  Many others.

Someone, I'm not sure who he or she is, has been leaving several comments on another blog which in my opinion are sensational.  He or she has managed to put the modern day GLBT movement into  perspective.  But there's  a problem here too; His or her comments are being buried in a blog where its founder, an outspoken lesbian activist, is in the closet, apparently afraid of being outed.

(Or maybe she was outed and is hiding.Either way...)

This person claims no one is willing to admit or confirm gender or queer theory is the root cause of why transgenderism has become the new gay.

That is not true.  I've become an outspoken critic of the transgenderism.  It's the only thing I've been blogging about all summer.  From Parker Molloy to language policing to attempts to silence critics by having their Facebook and Twitter accounts suspended to their anti-gay slurs and tropes and their rape and death threats.  I've covered all of it.

But what has happened? Nothing.  Those feminists and gay men you see on Twitter and Facebook fighting against the trans qaeda movement have become their own worst enemy.  They want to pick and choos; Only feminists and their allies can speak or write of the transgenderism threat.  Not just any ally: Only trans and twinks who support the feminism world view need apply.

It doesn't really matter whether I have a background or some experience in this area; After all, who knows better the dangers imposed by special interest groups than me?

But nope.  I don't count.  Gay Inc deemed me damaged goods, unsuitable for any type of advocacy.  No second chances for me, not now, not ever.  Second chances are only for transgender convicts, ex-gays, and gay conservatives.

The real shocker of it all is transgenderism itself; They've been that gift that keeps giving. For the past several weeks or months, transgender activists have launced an all out war against women, children, and men, attacking and vilifying people from all walks in life who commit the inexcusable crime of speaking or writing anything critical of transgenders.  They've attacked science, biology, history.  Their facts don't add up.  They're demanding safe spaces for incarcerated trans women doing life in prison for rape, murder, and treason.

But none of this matters. It's me that does.

In anticipation of possibly having someone finesse and lawyer me into conformity and invisibility, you can all bite me.

Yesterday, the gay media, the popular gay bloggers, and Gay Inc, reacted in a hot minute to the news Michael Sam, the first openly-gay football player drafted by an NFL team, was cut by the St. Louis Rams.  On Saturday.  A Holiday weekend. The day before that, gay activists raised close to a hundred thousand dollars on behalf of a gay teen who was disowned and kicked out of his home for being gay and recorded it all on video.

Don't anyone tell me I'm/we're supposed to accept a bunch of thugs as our equals.

I left a comment on that blog, but as is par for the course, that blogger did not approve it. Whatever. If these terrorists win, don't blame me. I'm out. I'm the most outed activist on earth, repeatedly backstabbed, hated on, blamed, accused, lied about, etc.  I've got more unfollowers on social media than I do followers.  But I'm still here doing my thing, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  I'm not in hiding. Can those activists hiding behind their blogs and throwaway gmail and AOL accounts say the same? Those social justice warriors glued to Twitter and Facebook? No, they can't.

If those trans terrorists win or get second wind, blame them.  They want to make leadership a popularity contest. They want to win the gold medal in the oppression olympics.  They, like the trannies want to win so bad, everyone has become so carried away with the prospect of winning these stupid social debates, they've forgotten about the rest of us down here in the trenches.

You're on notice.

Get with the program or get out.


1. So far, there is no evidence that suggests that gay teen and his viral video is a hoax.
2. I'm not a Michael Sam fan.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

the transgender tipping point, parker molloy for the win

It all started with a tweet:

I fucking hate RuPaul.

Since then, Parker Molloy, formerly known as Chad Molloy, has become a rock star in the transgender movement thru his or her advocating writings.

(ngblog is using male nouns or pronouns to identify Molloy; Despite attempts to present himself a trans lesbian, he/she still has a penis.)

With that status, Parker Molloy has enjoyed a certain amount of privilege, that is, he has been able to say or write whatever he wants about people and not have to worry about taking personal responsibility for them, due in part to the gay media caving to special interest groups.

That all appeared to change this week after Kelsie Brynn Jones (Kelsie Darko), another alleged trans woman activist/journalist, wrote an article for Queerty.com alleging Parker had attacked "her" after voicing a contrary opinion to a piece that was highly critical of citizen journalism.


Kelsie Brynn Jones

Since then, there has been debate raging among the transgender community mostly -because the gays are cowering again - about whether or not it was ethical for someone to make public what was originally a private conversation and impugn Parker's reputation as a respected advocate and journalist.

On Thursday, Brynn Jones appeared on the The Rebecca Juro Show to answer those allegations:


Somewhere right now a unicorn hurls a rainbow.

source: Google images

 I've now spent several hours trying to recap what I listened to live, and again on podcast. I've only been able to write one word: Inauthentic.

It's been pretty much the best word to describe this incident and everything else that has taken place this whole godforsaken year.

The conversation that took place on The Rebecca Juro Show was inauthentic.  The complaint that led to Gender Identity Watch's account suspension on Twitter is inauthentic.  Laverne Cox and The Sylvia Rivera Law's Project open support for incarcerated trans women, inauthentic. 

Everything regarding transgenderism is inauthentic.

The sad part of it all is there are LGB people who become T and T who become LGB; I've no doubt many of them have come across this blog, read how I've become their biggest adversary instead of ally and walked away angry and frustrated.

Look, I don't need anyone to remind me that transgenders are disproportionately impacted by murder and violence. Here in New York City, someone named Islan Nettles was murdered during an encounter with a group of men right in the middle of Harlem and one year later, family and friends are still seeking justice.

I'm as outraged as everyone else. More attention has been given to a pastor's homophobic sign outside his church down the street than they have for Islan Nettles.

But one of the reasons why I don't write about Nettles or become part of the "Justice For Islan" group is because that group is inauthetic/uh-oh there goes that I word again.

It's bunch of necrophilliac pimps; crazy trannies and their gay and straight allies with a martyrdom fetish.

The sad part is it's looks like Parker Molloy is going to be given a second chance at redemption, which only proves to a point I originally made earlier that second chances is a right afforded to transgenders, ex-gays, and homocons/gay conservatives.

Lest anyone think I'm wrong, guess again. This "thing" with Parker Molloy is not new.  It's happened before.  In 2007, when Parker was still living his so called male priviledged life as Chad, I was becoming famous and notorious for my advocacy blogging.  All the popular gay bloggers and organizations hated me.  They still do.  But rather than working with me, they decided to work against me.  They hired an anti-gay bigot do their bidding for them.  They used him to discredit me.  They all pretend I don't exist.  They block me from their social media.  They run and hide behind their clique friends.  They call me fake.  They use anti-gay tropes, openly, without any fear of reprisal. Instead, they recieve stipends from Gay, Inc., they get to go on vacations In Providence or Fire Island, they're given awards and honored as grand marshalls at pride parades.

Meanwhile I get constantly shit on. No second chances for me. Nope. Uh-uh. 

Where was the outrage there? Then?

There was none.

It never existed.

In two weeks probably sooner, so too will this incident.  Everyone will pretend like it never happened, The Advocate, The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, GLAAD, and The HRC will continue to give a platform to the psychopaths hiding behing a rainbow flag, and the rest of you will go along because for you it's easier to be ignorant than give a damn.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


GIDWatch's Twitter account, which may or may not be run by controversial lawyer and lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan, was suspended on Tuesday.

According to another blogger, they had begun naming people who had signed an anti-lesbian petition against the Michigan Womyn's Festival aka Michfest, an annual event that is built, staffed, run, and attended by women in a small wooded area in Oceana County, Michigan.

For those who read this blog on a regular basis (and are not afraid to have a conversation with me), it's no secret of my love/hate relationship with the parties named above.  Like most of the special interest groups within the LGBT I've problems with, so too, lesbian feminist activists have become their own worst enemy, with some feminists deeming themselves more important than the cause.

Cough, Cough, Cathy Brennan, for example; What more can be said about someone who would prefer to spend  her online day negotiating with terrorists, instead of working to build a movement that supports her belief transgenderism is a danger to society as a whole?

[Am I wrong? One more time, here's what I expect to happen once this post goes live; Cathy Brennan and or other feminist supports will contact me directly instead of creating content on social media at my expense, and rather than lawyering me, either she or someone else will explain, or make some attempt to explain why it is I'm wrong to categorize their activism with activists whose idea of activism involves receiving a stipend from Gay, Inc.]

But last I checked, it's not lesbian feminists who are engaging in open warfare against men, women, children, and gay people; They're not the ones who are trying to force people into accepting an ideology whose house is based on a foundation of lies.

And last but not least, feminists are not the ones defending the rights of those doing life in prison who have raped and murder women and children, and tried to hide it by calling these people political prisoners, and innocent victims of transphobia.

By banning GIDWatch, Twitter is expressing its support of a movement that is endangering the lives of men, women, children, and gay people.  They're committing a hate crime at the behest of a scam movement.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#Transgender activism entered its decadent phase last week.

File the above statement under understatement of the year.

For those living under a rock, here is what Andrea James is referring to:
  • The Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Laverne Cox launched a media campaign on behalf of a trans woman in prison (Sylvia China Blast), and released a video featuring Cox reading a letter from that trans woman.  But once [lesbian] bloggers learned that trans woman was convicted for the rape, murder, and abuse of a thirteen year old girl, Although the video was then pulled, allegedly at Laverne Cox's request, both The Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Laverne Cox released statements indicating their support for that trans woman.
  • Trans activists openly threatening to kill women and children of journalists critical of transgenderism.
  • Parker Molloy of The Advocate told a trans activist/writer named Kelsie Darko (or Drako) to kill himself/herself by drinking bleach.
  • Zinnia Jones, a YouTube vlogger/activist best known for advocating on behalf of wikileaker Bradley Chelsea Manning announcing if Adolph Hitler were transgender she would do anything he or she can to make sure his prison cell matched his gender identity, not his birth certificate, and would also appear on CNN.
  • Autumn Sandeen, formerly of Pam's House Blend wants to have a pow-wow with Peter LaBarbera.

As per genderIdentityWatch.com, for the past several days, trans activists have been trying to make the claim Blast did not commit rape and murder and is the real victim.  But they have a document showing that Blast did, in fact, commit rape and murder.


Monday, August 25, 2014

the trans tipping point: defending rapists, pedophiles, and yes even hitler.

Transgenderism and Catholicism seem to have lots in common; They both get caught defending child rapists and yet somehow, both groups still manage to keep their customers.

"Troubled" by the news Laverne Cox was advocating on behalf of a trans woman in prison for murder and rape of a young girl, Jeremy Hooper was all too happy to accept Laverne Cox's non apology apology and sweep the matter under the rug:

And here is Zinnia Jones admitting sHE would defend Hitler and demand he serve out his time in a prison cell that fit his gender identity, not his birth certificate:

To be continued.