Thursday, July 24, 2014

so much for j nelson aviance: you have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.

I'm not surprised.   After all, this does follow a disturbing pattern I've been seeing repeatedly when one deals with homophobic transgender activists.  Someone writes a column or blog or makes a statement critical of transgenderism, and then the homophobic transgender activists fight back by engaging in a character attacks, and then person folds like a cheap suit.

I tell that someone to stand their ground and I get blocked.

I don't get it.  No, actually, I do get it.

Apparently I must be confused on what it means to stand their ground; I thought it was to stand your ground and maintain your position after someone has expressed their displeasure. I had no idea it meant blocking someone on Twitter because the internet is a coward's paradise.

Whatever; despite this latest setback, I reject the term "cisgender" and agree with everything he wrote; And I believe strongly transgenders should get out of the LGB.  We don't tolerate anti-gays and ex-gays, and anyone who advocate against marriage equality. It's beyond me why we as a community are making an exception for the rule for a community of individuals who demand we accept their emotional and psychological malfunctions.

Another blogger once told me, there are activists, the ones who become activists out of those unforeseen events that dumped their life, or the life of a friend or loved one, down the toilet, and then you have activists who cut and run when the baggage that propels one to fight instead of quit is compromised or exploited.

And that has certainly been the case with whole nonsense regarding tranny and cisgender and the gay and lesbian community.

Hell hath no fury like a homophobic trans woman with a penis scorned.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

no, it's not okay to call anyone cisgender

It's been awhile since I've heard from Ian Finkenbinder, aka One Angry Queer.  Sometime last year, he invaded my Twitter feed to offer me a Dan Choi mousepad:

I refused the offer.

Today, he's written a post titled, "It's Okay To Be Called 'Cisgender.' I Promise, " a response to J. Nelson Aviance Huffpost Gay Voice piece where he rejects the term cisgender.

Suffice to say, or write, Ian's piece is rife with sexism, racism, misandry, homophobia, ignorance, arrogance, hypocirsy, and elitism.

Fikenbinder, who identifies himself currently as "genderqueer," described Mr. Aviance's column, quote, a "trainwreck of a tantrum" and a headache to read.

I would advise Mr. Finkebinder to take two Advil and a hot shower and have his vision checked.

Here's the problem with Ian FInkebinder: One cannot tell from one day to next what it is he wants to be.

Here's what somewhat else wrote about Finkenbinder; it's located here in case anyone's wondering, and it's been slightly edited for context.
...Interestingly if you search the net he bounces from one cult to another. He was supposedly a military translator helping to pursue the murder enof civilians in Iraq, then a don’t ask, don’t tell opponent chaining himself to the white house gate, then some sort of internet personality for risque fashion shows, then an Occupy Seattle spokesperson, then an Anarchist, now a unicorn anarchist, whaterver that is, bent on spitting on cops whenever someone else with a worthy cause produces a moving protest. Way to hijack everyone else’s peaceful successful movements to shout ” Me! Me! Look at me!” Sad.
That last part is especially troublesome: In addition to everything else, Finkenbinder has admitted he is HIV positive.


Here's the problem [I have] with cisgender: It is, at best, a myth and, at worst, a very slimy way for trans activists and people like Ian to bash women and gays , under the guise they're the ones who are being oppresive, when the reality is Transgenders have everything they can to live their lives to the fullest.

So why the need for cisgender then?

Obviously, it's the only way for them, Ian and the homophobic tranny community, to be gutless without repercussions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

rights and wrongs

Being that Thomas wants to lecture me on rights and wrongs... I'll take a moment to talk about this too, because naturally, I, um, have some expertise in this area.

I've been wrong many times before.  Fuck man, I went to prison for eight months because I spent a good portion of my life believing in someone or something only to then have someone literally and figuratively pull the rug out from under me.

And it wasn't just anyone either; it was someone who is notorious for stalking gay men and teenagers online and getting them to commit a sacrosanct crime.

Against, it's the past. My past. For anyone wanting to use that past in the hopes of invalidating an argument is pretty fucked up move, but that's the price I pay for being a nationally recognized LGBT activist and blogger.

I'm not wrong about that.

Know what else I've been wrong about? The equality movement and LGBT activism.  I thought originally people became activists in support (or opposition) to a cause; in my case it would be having a homophobe stalker trying to entice me with sex and me just being too weak, tired, and yes even stupid to know better.

Again, consequences; it's something that is not taught at Netroots or by anyone at the New Organizing Institute.  You don't learn about this from LGBT activists.

No, I had to learn the truth the old fashioned way: thru betrayal and a contempt for money.

And not that Thomas will mention it but it was trans activists who warned me about equality activists. I had to go back to my old blog - actually that blog doesn't exist, but I do have much of my old posts archived somewhere else - to refresh my memory and sure enough, there they be, trans activists leaving comments on [what was] my original blog and conversations I had with activists in which they were warning me in advance to be wary of a particular activist or blogger.

I would repost them here, but what's the point in doing so? And after all, according to the trannies, we're not supposed to dwell on the, or their past.

Right, Thomas?

As for transgenderism, only time will tell whether I am wrong or right to call it a disease. I do know this, however; I'm not the only one who has grown sick and tired of all this social justice bullshit surrounding transgenders.

And it's also a given that when comes to special interest groups within the LGBT, they always turn out to be a problem in the long or short run, using their influence to create situations that mostly favour themselves but not the public good.

Hey Thomas? While you continue to do your damndest to question my reputation with your cheap skepticism, a homophobic trans woman activist published the names of several lesbian activists and bloggers for no other because like me, they disagree with transgenders and don't feel safe around them.

What say you now?

And the beauty of it all is, as if there's something to be admired in having people attack you online for expressing an opinion, is that I don't know who this person is in real life.

And I might add, even if I do have an email or contact info for that blogger, I probably won't contact them.  After all, what more can be said about this?

Oh, hi, "augustcarmichael!" Hey I see you've been attacked by homophobic trannies, too? Let's have a kiki!

I don't think so.

To be continued.

Monday, July 21, 2014

poor thomas

Earlier I posted my response to Thomas C Waters where he attempts to call me out for writing transgenderism is a disease. I posted a quick response, but it seems he didn't want to wait for my response and he wrote a followup:
Earlier I posted n open letter to a fellow blogger who is calling transgender a disease, a position I find unacceptable. I posted a link to my post as a comment to his original post, and he replied with the following as a comment:

Short answer because I am currently writing a response: Sorry Thomas, but I can no longer accept as my equals people who act and behave like anti-gay thugs. 
Consider how similar this language is to the Far-right homophobes who call LGBT activists “thugs” and bullies. I especially appreciate this phrase: 
I can no longer accept as my equals… 
Equality isn’t about if we grant it or not. We all deserve to be treated as equals. Period. If some choose not to accept that, they place themselves on the fringe of our society. The fringe may be on the far-right or on the far-left, but the fringe is still outside the mainstream culture where the general premise is that all persons are treated with dignity and respect.
When all else fails, accuse me of being a far right homophobe.

Given that Thomas wants to lecture me on the concept of respect and dignity let's talk about the former and latter: It goes without saying everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness, including transgenders.

But respect and civilty can only go so far, and when it involves people a community of individuals behaving like facists, respect and dignity be damned.

You know who else likes to talk shit about dignity and respect? Anti-gay bigots. They just love talking and writing about the importance of dialogue and respect, all the while they're blaming people like me for the all the problems that occur in the world.

And there too, anti-gay bigots don't seem to give a damn they harm they cause people, mostly because they think it's their god given right to demonize a group of people; And of course that they can always count on a gay activist to do their bidding for them, too.

I'm not transgender. I've no idea what it means to be one, let alone what it's like to look in the mirror and realize your mind is not in proportion to your body.

But where does it say or read I'm supposed to give or show someone who is transgender dignity and respect just because?

That's not how it works.  Respect is something that is earned, not given.

Just because your're waving the pride flag in my face doesn't mean you get the right to invite yourself the requisite skills to edit me.

That's  also not how this works.

Just because you're a tranny...

It is my hope that people respect me for having the courage to take personal responsibility for myself and my actions, and live my life accordingly, void of anything or anyone that may or might have contributed to my earlier state of dysfunction.

If people don't, then whatever.

I know what happened. I know what I did wrong. I also know what I've done right, and right now it is advocating against transgenderism.

Transgenderism has become a danger to my democracy.

That last sentence should read "ours" but I can't or won't speak on behalf of anyone else because this is not how it works either.

I don't really want to go into reruns again, because i've been there and done that.  I will write I've managed to do just fine without Gay Inc and all these popular gay bloggers.

They live in what I call the activist bubble; I don't.

They need homophobia to survive, I do not. 

And unlike them,  I live in a modest home, I don't live a lavish lifestyle, that is, I don't live in an expensive co-op in Midtown Manhattan and spend my weekends renting a timeshare in Fire Island or Providence. I don't spend money on extravagant things.  I'm more than happy using a chromebook instead of an expensive Mac or iPad. I'm more than happy being on instead of Wordpress, and I'm ever happier not having my own vanity URL.

Who knows what's going to happen in the long term with the transgender community.  Are they, according to Waters, just a bunch of angry trannies transgenders with low self esteem?  Well perhaps, but as with all with people who have a substance dependence or some other mentally or physically damaging problem, the real respect and dignity comes with telling that person to get help or letting them go.

Let them go, Thomas.

about that open letter addressed to me...

Thomas C Waters has written an open letter to me objecting to my calling transgenders, diseased.

Here's my short answer for those who like it Twitter style: I simply can no longer accept as my equals people behaving like a bunch of anti-gay thugs.

My much longer response follows after the jump.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

netroots nation is going to arizona next year, but without it's founder

Netroots Nation is a political convention for American progressive political activists, originally organized by readers and writers of Daily Kos, a liberal political blog. At least that's how it's been since 2006.

Next year, however? No one seems to know.

On Saturday, July 19, after it was announced Phoenix, Arizona would host the 2015 convention, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas made the stunning announcement they will be boycotting its own convention,:

Netroots Nation announced two days ago that Phoenix, Arizona would host its 2015 conference. I wish the conference the best, but it will unfortunately take place without Daily Kos’ attendance or assistance. 
I made very clear in the wake of Arizona’s passage of SB 1070 that I would not be setting foot in the state, nor spending a dime in it until the law was revoked. The law, however gutted by the courts, remains on the books, as does systemic harassment of Latinos, so my pledge still stands. . . . 
I doubt the conference would decide to host the event in, say, Apartheid South Africa, in order to “take the fight to the enemy”. If you think that analogy is absurd, it is, but only in terms of degree, not intent in the county that has consistently elected Sheriff Joe Arpaio since 1992. But if you want a less bombastic analogy, look to labor: Netroots Nation refuses to hold events in cities without union hotel and conference facilities.  
They’re not “taking the fight” to non-unionized locations because we, as a movement, stand for the right of people to organize and we don’t reward those places that deny those rights. It’s the right call. Also, would the conference have been happy to stay in Arizona had Gov. Jan Brewer signed the virulently anti-gay SB 1062 earlier this year? Hard to see that happening. 
Latinos deserve that same kind of respect.
No word yet on whether Netroots Connect, the one day pre-conference of LGBT and allied activists and bloggers which takes place the day before Netroots Nation will follow Moulitsas.


One attendee doesn't get it...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

does transgenderism really belong in lgbt?

Good news: J Nelson Aviance has not been assimilated.

Bad news:: J Nelson Aviance has not assured me he won't be.

Not that he needs to, of course, but, it would be nice if, at long last, if he and all these activists and bloggers and people in entertainment, who like me, have found themselves villified merely for questioning transgenders, can put can put aside whatever fears and biases they may have toward me, or others, and work together toward removing this disease called transgenderism from the LGBT.

This sounds or reads harsh but, I am telling an inconvenient truth. The list of people who have run afoul of transgenders is a more than a mile long, and they include everyone from activists, bloggers, writers, journalists, politicians, radio, TV and motion picture stars, sports figures, and religious and political leaders.

It's hard to imagine no one seeing a pattern.

I did not, that is, not until this year when this whole nonsense with Piers Morgan and Katie Couric occurred. One might think it was the tranny debate featuring RuPaul that finally convinced me to abandon my support for transgenders, but ironically it was RuPaul who became a jerk, throwing me and others who supported him and his right to use the t-word under the bus.

And who was it that said RuPaul was an asshole? The trannies, of course.

Nonetheless, I'm sure that shortly after this post goes live, I will have someone reminding me of the adage, don't judge a book by its cover, or more specifically, I shouldn't judge a certain subset of the community just because they've lost their minds.

But since that won't happen, I'm going to respond anyway: True, except, no one has been able to explain why it is transgender activists and their allies all seem to develop the characteristics of a religious cult as opposed to an oppressed sexual minority.
Trans activists will have me and you believe that it's not what's between their legs that matters but what's in the hearts and minds, except when their baring their all on social media and begging lesbians for the right to rape them.

We or I already knows what happens when lesbians say no; they stomp their stilleto heels and throw public tantrums, hating, wishing and sometimes even threatening to kill them.

Trans activists also claim they want to be treated just like you and me, never mind the fact their entire identity is based on being anything but gay or lesbian.

Trans activists make the claim we're the privileged ones for agreeing with doctors we're male and or female, yet it's transgenders who are the ones demanding special privileges for themselves.

By the way, how does a baby agree to anything? How does that work exactly? Something like this, perhaps?
Well, leave it to Google to provide an example.

Cute, yet ridiculous; As ridiculous as those anti-gay hate groups who profess to protect the rights of children.

Here's something not ridiculous; transgenders are doing and demanding the exact same thing our opponents want. They want us disorganized, working separately and second-guessing ourselves. Why? Because many of us see right thru them.

The only question now is whether everyone else who've found themselves on the bad side of homophobic trans activists can stop acting like cowards.