Saturday, January 31, 2015

trans bloggers ignore a bias crime out of spite. or is it because someone has to be dead in order for someone to give a damn?

Even though I can longer, as a matter of principle, support the transgender community, It is still distressing when I read of bias attacks transgender people. So last night when I read the story of a possible bias attack in The Bronx involving a transgender woman...

...I immediately sent out an email to several trans bloggers (Kelli Busey at and Monica Roberts of transgriot) so they can get the word out and ensure justice for the victim in the bias attack.

My email went ignored.

Was it out of spite? I hope not. I don't know the victim in the Bronx bias attack.  I'm just doing what bloggers do, that is read and react to a news story.

So what then?

Another blogger once wrote that it seems the only time GLBT transgender activists ever seem to give a damn for their community is when that person is dead.
Jocelyn Diaz told News 12 that she was talking to a friend at the corner of Davidson Avenue and West 192nd Street at around 4:30 a.m. when a man in a group asked her for a cigarette.
“They surrounded me and he swung the bat and he was going to hit me in the face…When I put my arm up, he caught me in the arm,” Diaz told News 12.
She suffered a broken arm during the Jan. 18 attack, which was recorded on a cellphone video by one of Diaz’s friends.
So I guess because Joscelyn is still alive, she's no good to anyone?

The next time you read about a tragedy involving someone who is or was transgender on Planet Transgender or transgriot, do me a favor and remind them of the time they turned their back on a trans woman in the Bronx for being hit in the arm instead of having her head bashed in for being transgender.

Friday, January 30, 2015

when activists turn out to be their own worst enemy

So how's that guilt by association trope working out for you?

Batten down the hatches; I'm about to bust it.

But first, I need to state, for the record, that in all the years I've been an activist and blogger, I have never sought to ruin anyone personally or professionally.   On the other hand, I have criticized gay advocacy bloggers and writers because they do not serve our, the GLBTQ community, best interests.  Events taking place this week prove my case.

Truth Wins Out? As far as I'm concerned, the day I learned they were behind a campaign to discredit me for telling my truth, which is based in part on their truth, and getting people and or would be sponsors not to support me, that was the day I had to advocate against them.  I make no apologies for trying to get the Southern Poverty Law Center to add them to their hate watch list, and i would fucking do it again in a New York minute.

And while I'm at it, I hate the bearer of bad news, but one, there is no magic pill that can turn male into female or vice versa; and two, no one has a say in what it is I can or cannot advocate for. That would include Cathy Brennan, whom as I'm writing this appears to be involved in some new controversy.

On the subject of, originally, this post originally was to call out PinkNews, a UK based online newspaper marketed to the LGBT community, for not allowing Cathy Brennan to comment on a story they published regarding someone named Germaine Greer who spoke at Cambrige recently and made controversial remarks about transgenderism.   From what I've read, the only people being allowed to comment are the transgendered and people who hate women.

But I've had to dump the piece because of this:
At post "Gallus Mag" has yet to post a copies of the complaint she allegedly recieved.  "Gallus Mag" told someone else she would if Cathy disputes the allegation or accusation.

What a hell of a time for this to happen.

Both individuals have done awesome work in exposing transgenderism for what is; an ideology and movement built on a foundation of lies.

Case in point: Newly released documents which appear to confirm that a trans woman and community leader may have transitioned from male to female to avoid placement on a state sex offender registry.
Unfortunately, these accusations being levied against Cathy Brennan by "Gallus Mag" prove my point about activism; it's become dog eat dog, where everyone is only looking out for their own interests instead of working together.

that other moment when the gay media got punked by a hate group

Need more evidence the gay blogs and writers are a disgrace and embarrassment to the gay community? 

On Wednesday night, news broke that Bryan Fischer, the Director of Issues Analysis at the American Family Association (AFA) had been fired...

... and the gay blogosphere went nuts.

But then came Thursday, and there was Bryan FIscher again, still hosting his radio show and blogging as he has since 2009.

So what happened? Was it a publicity stunt that was, one, meant to trick the GLBT community and liberal media into thinking The American Family Association was evolving on gay rights; two, a move to get the Southern Poverty Law Center to stop calling them a hate group; or three,  an attempt to deflect attention away from the AFA sponsoring a trip to Israel that included members of the RNC (Republican National Committee)?

It was all of the above.

The firing, which wasn't really a firing, was not just an attempt to give Fischer move breathing room to espouse his anti-gay rhetoric but also to give the AFA plausible deniability. Or in other words, Bryan FIscher is just a talk show host and we at the AFA can't be held responsible for anything he says even though we will continue to host his show on AFR and pay him a salary.


The gay media and the blogs and writers got played hardcore and they have no one to blame but themselves.  There's no one to scapegoat or criticize.  So if you see or read of a gay activist screaming "TERF!" or "pedophile!" it's only because they don't want their naive and gullible readers to notice they were punked by a hate group.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

no quit here

Andrew Sullivan announced yesterday he’s going to stop blogging indefinitely...

...and the news sent shockwaves among the blogosphere, to the point where other bloggers - JoeMyGod, Michael In Norfolk, to name a few, began wondering whether they ought to follow by example.

Bitches, please.  Ever since Andrew Sullivan made the decision to go on his own* instead of piggybacking off other news and opinion websites (Time, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast), he's been a dismal failure.

And if you're one of the many people who were stupid enough to give him money to create his stand alone website, shame on you: You got robbed.

To be fair, because I can, blogging takes alot of effort. It comes with sacrifices, usually at the expense of a loved one and friends, the former or latter who cannot and or will not understand why it is someone will devote so much time and energy into a product that serves no real purpose except trigger people into anger and violence.

One of the main reasons I started a blog was to speak out against an incident that came thisclose to ruining my life, personally and professionally.  I hate to admit that I haven't accomplished much in trying to rectify that situation, thank you gay media, but I least I keep trying.  Say what you want, but what you can't say is I'm a quitter.  

And who knows? If I had thousands, millions? of people giving me $20 a year or more to write a blog, life would get a whole lot better, not just for me, but for many other people too.

Don't cry for Andrew Sullivan. He's been a cancer to the gay and gay blogging community for a long time, and it's only a matter of time before he comes back crawling on his hands and knees begging his naive and gullible readers to give him more money.

*In 2013, Sullivan announced that he was leaving The Daily Beast to launch The Daily Dish as a stand-alone website charging subscribers $20-a-year.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the finger of wag of shame: abc, dan savage

Earlier this week, ABC announced that they bought a TV pilot based on the life of gay activst Dan Savage.
Based on the life of boundary-pushing columnist Dan Savage, a picture perfect family is turned upside down when the youngest son comes out of the closet. What seems like the end of their idyllic life turns out to be the beginning of a bright new chapter when everyone stops pretending to be perfect and actually starts being real. David Windsor and Casey Johnson will write and executive-produce with Savage, Brian Pines and Dan McDermott.
Even though this is a shame on you post, I kinda look forward to this becoming an actual series.  Then we can all learn how and when it was he got the idea to be a racist, misogynist, transphobic douchebag with HIV who spits on doorbells in the hopes people he doesn't like will catch AIDS and die.  

And come sweeps week, we can all look forward to that special episode where he pimps dead gay teenagers for profit.

In anticipation of having Savage being the next gay activist to have a homophobic meltdown at my expense, I took a look at my archives and found some old posts and drafts where I defended Savage. What changed things? It was a video blogger named Senny Dey who produced a video blog criticising Savage for letting the cast of The A-List: New York create an It Gets Better video, said TV show featuring "sniping gay adults who call each other fat, talk shit behind each other’s back, and force an unrealistic idea of beauty and status upon other gays.

I wonder what happened to that guy and his video?

Hopefully Savage didn't do anything to endanger his life...

that moment when a gay writer parrots a homophobe....

...that moment when a gay writer parrots a homophobe to attack another gay writer who called him a moron for losing a twitter debate.

Yeah. that. It really happened.

I won't post a screengrab or embed of Zack's epic homophobic meltdown, but I don't want anyone to misinterpret that as gloating because I'm not.

Besides, no one reads my blog.

However, that he turned the company he works at from a "progressive public policy research and advocacy organization" into a massive joke does prove my point about the current state of gay activism and the gay media: It's a disgrace.

But you know what I will credit myself with? Having the Southern Poverty Law Center put Peter LaBarbera and his anti-gay organization on their hate watch list.  I'm owning that one, and I don't care if The Southern Poverty Law Center likes it or not.

Nonetheless, this has been an all too common problem with gay activists who think, because they got some bigot to like them on Facebook and Twitter, people like me have to respect them.

Fuck that.  Fuck that shit.

Especially when that someone invokes the gays are pedophile trope to save face.

Only cowards and hypocrites do that. Unfortunately, this community of mine is rife with cowards and hypocrites, and despite all my attempts to get this community to grow up and put away their childish things, it just seems to get worse and worse.

Not that it effects me any.  At the end of the day, when I shut down this laptop and go about my real life, I'll still be an out and proud gay man. And Zack Ford? He'll be the gay man who got pwned on Twitter by an anti-gay bigot.

that awkward moment when a gay activist is outwitted by a homophobe

I'll get right to the point: Zack Ford has no business saying he works for lgbt people.

What did he do now?

Oh, nothing except get into a Twitter debate with Peter LaBarbera and lose.

The gotcha? Defending transgenderism, an ideology and or movement founded on makeup and imagination while advocating against the ex-gay movement, an ideology or movement built on a foundation of lies.

What's the difference between the two? None, but this is where Zack Ford fails the gay community: He gave Peter LaBarbera, a man I hate with a vengeance, a win.

After Zack attempted to clarify by using the magic pill argument, The dumbass, this stupid man who imagined he could outwit a seasoned pro, had to have other people step in for him. 

It's guys like Zack Ford why i have such disdain and contempt for equality advocates.

Not that anyone else will notice or do or say something, because this is how it is in gay activism; You have people like Zack Ford, whose part of a fringe group of activists motivated by a contempt for money and corporate sponsorship, and they in turn promote this behavior, often to detriment of gay and lesbian people or activists, the former and or latter who know all too well the dangers of having such narrow-minded self-interest groups forcing their will on the majority LGBT population.

I'm calling on the Center For American Progress to fire Zack Ford.  Yesterday. This man is not an activist or liberal.  Cathy Brennan, for what its worth, is correct; It's only a matter of time before Zack Ford is arrested for possessing child porn.  When it happens, then what?