Wednesday, March 25, 2015

look no further

Until recently, Looking is an American comedy-drama television series about a group of gay friends living in San Francisco. It premiered on January 19, 2014, on HBO. 

According to news reports, HBO cancelled Looking but has ordered a special to serve as its series finale.

Why bother? The show, which centered around a gay man named Patrick and his "tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships" was by far one of the most boring television programs ever in the history of boring television programs.  One is more entertained watching a traffic news cam than this nonsense.

It's hard to imagine this show was critically acclaimed. By who or whom?  Let's find them, round them up and shoot them.  No, I'm serious as a heart attack.  If the intent was to show gay people are ordinary and bland, then all it did was to prove having television shows featuring gay and lesbian people is/was not only a bad idea but a genre whose time has come and gone.

And that sucks because other TV shows and networks have done a way better job featuring gay and lesbian characters. For example, ABC Family, a basic cable television network once owned by Pat Robertson, made history recently when two thirteen year old characters shared a same-sex kiss on the show "The Fosters." Ex-gay and Anti-gay writers have called the scene child pornography. 

Had this been on HBO, no one would have cared or noticed.

zoey tur becomes part of the problem, not the solution

Good news: After a week of silence, this week Zoey Tur resurfaced.

Bad news: It seems that Tur is playing cafeteria politics or activism, picking and choosing her allies and thus becoming part of the trickle down effect as a result of their competing to prove themselves the most oppressed.

Tur appeared on Real Talk With Mark & Lynna, an internet based talk program hosted by a trans man (Mark Angelo Cummings) and a trans woman (Lynna Arielle) to talk about the so called transgender blacklash currently taking place at her expense as a result of her controversial remarks on CNN and World Of Wonder.

Not that there's anything wrong with that; but Mark, who also claims to be a victim of the so called transgender backlash has also done his share on inflicting abuse on others who do not share his views.

And now we have Zoey Tur, who has apparently let the fame and celebrity that came with becoming 'America's first transgender news reporter" go to her head.

To be fair, because i can, this is a problem that affects lots of LGBT people, especially the ones who become popular thru their blogs, appearances on TV and Radio, or social media activism.

But here, rather than simply addressing the reality of lgbt infighting, an ongoing phenomena which is shamed, dismissed, and ridiculed by the elitist contingent, and a disease or affliction that doesn't discriminate, instead she wants to play silly games at the expense of others, especially those who aren't as fortunate as she is.

For those who might be wondering if I'm mad because Tur did not respond to my request for comment or confirmation, the short answer is no.  

The longer answer is, I've stated here repeatedly i do not want to become an blogebrity or celebrity because of my views and concerns. I've also said I don't want having this blog turn into another Towleroad, GoodAsYou, or Joe.My.God; that would then mean having to put up with socially dsyfunctional commenters, the kind who encourage infighting and abuse that motivates LGBT activists and bloggers.

But what I hate the most is the elitism that occurs, particularly among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people who gain notoriety and or popularity, either thru their gender identity/expression or sexual orientation.  If I'm not mistaken, Tur, who used to be a straight man attracted to women, is now a trans woman attracted to men.

Tur can legitimately claim to be a victim all he wants, but at the end of the day, Zoey Tur is a member of a dangerous special interest group forcing their will on the majority. And Tur is no better  or worse than her enemies trying to oppress her.

About the interview, it was mostly pretty bland, if not overwhelmingly boring.  The good part comes at the 28 minute mark when Dawn Ellis, a writer for The Advocate and someone who claims to be a journalist calls into the show and attempts, rather poorly, to pick a fight with Tur. The incident brings new meaning to fail journalism.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ruben&co does the debate on marriage equality right and wrong

I mentioned this in passing earlier; On Ruben&Co, a daily infotainment show that airs on local TV in Puerto Rico, there have been several segments on the issue of marriage equality, centered mostly on the decision by Puerto Rico Justice Department to no longer defend the island's laws banning so called gay marriage.

It's a decision that will hopefully cause the First US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, to rule favorably for gay and lesbian couples who live in Puerto Rico.

Since news broke, religious leaders and opposition lawmakers have been gone batshit, accusing the government of imposing changes instead of consulting them or the public and holding a referendum.

To his credit, Ruben Sanchez has been front and center at the marriage equality debate, hosting numerous segments with activists in support of and against marriage equality.

Too bad these discussions occur mostly in spanish and the gay media never talks about them, because they're quite epic.

This is the same show in which both Pedro Julio Serrano and Samantha Love embarrased themselves and the LGBT community at the expense of an anti-gay bigot who took advantage of an unfortunate situation involving Christina Hayworth, transgender activist. Pedro Julio was caught lying when he said he was quietly assisting Hayworth, while Samantha Love took Raschke's side, portraying him as a gay rights champion.

And this is the same show where Luis Vigoreux, a former cohost, attacked openly gay pro boxer Orlando Cruz for coming out.

On the other hand, some of his other pro equality segments are borderline homophobic and transphobic, if not outright.

Here, Sanchez moderates a debate on marriage equality between Ivana Fred, a transgender activist and Cesar Vasquez, spokesperson for "Puerto Rico Por La Familia." or Puerto Rico For Families, an anti-gay group:

For those of you who don't speak, read, or understand spanish, let me explain the problems with this segment; The first five minutes involved Ruben flirting with Ivana and trying to goat Vasquez into joining him.

To her credit, Ivana handled herself well against the two, and proved one can have a discussion about transgenderism without the need to shush and shame anyone. But the question I have is, why have a trans woman represeting the gay and lesbian community?

Then there is Cesar Vasquez who spent most of his time engaging in anti-gay rhetoric and personal attacks against the Government of Puerto Rico.  He never quite explained why the Government is wrong to seek and recognize marriage for gay and lesbian couples. 

But that may not necessarily be Vasquez's fault.  More time was spent asking whether Ivana would marry a man or had gender reassignment surgery instead of holding Vasquez, who was clearly agitated, homophobic and transphobic accountable for his remarks.

And if you're wondering about the segment on Pope Francis and his views on pedophiles, your guess is as good as mine. It really had no place in a dicussion about marriage equality.

Here is where +GLAAD and +Media Matters for America and the +Human Rights Campaign ought to be stepping in and do its job, but in order to do that they would have to first recognize my concerns.

It's unlikely they will.

a lesbian activist shows how to handle an anti-gay bigot

It's an open secret i am demonstrably critical of the gay activist, blogging/writing community.  Numerous incidents within this month are indicative of my disdain and contempt for them.  

The gay community is being held hostage by a small, yet vocal and perhaps powerful group of lgbt people whom seemingly delight in tearing people demanding accountability and transparency from them.  To them, it doesn't matter if an individual is anti-gay or on their side of the cause. In their world, it's take no prisoners.

Although there has been some push back, it is a splintered and damaged group.

Still though there are moments in which I have to laud gay activists who stand up to anti-gay bigots and put them in their place.

Such an incident occurred last week on a local news program in Puerto Rico.

There to talk about the Puerto Rico Justice Department's decision not to defend a marriage ban, Ada Conde Vidal and Ivonne Álvarez Velez, one of the lesbian couples who filed a federal lawsuit seeking recognition of their marriage in Puerto Rico, got into a heated argument with Reverend Jorge Raschke, a pastor who is well known for his opposition to marriage equality, and kicked his ass on national television.

This exchange was long overdue, mostly because of Raschke, whom  I've written of before. In 2013, and at the expense of Pedro Julio Serrano and Samantha Love, Raschke came to the aid of trans activist Christina Hayworth, who was found wandering the streets of Old San Juan living in squalor. Raschke suddenly and very publicly claimed Hayworth had been abandoned in her hour of need by San Juan’s LGBT community, apparently to try to show the public how heartless gay people are.  And it worked. Serrano, despite what the popular gay blogs and writers say has become a disgrace, while Samantha Love who defended Raschke, is, well, trying to be a somebody again, hosting a weekly infotainment radio show on the internet which is mostly geared toward the spanish gay population in Miami and The Caribbean.

As for the other gay activist personalities on the island, they just went about their merry ways, in bliss.

Having written that, I'm still somewhat skeptical of Ruben Sanchez, the host of Ruben@Co. In a followup segment, he let another anti-gay pastor, someone named Orlando Lugo, who was angry at the way Conde handled Raschke, repeatedly insult him and his other guests.  In another segment, he hosted what was supposed debate on marriage equality between a transgender activist named Ivana Fred and Cesar Vasquez (PR Para La Familia), but it was mostly a discussion on whether Ivana presents well as a woman. 

Nonetheless, my public thanks to Ada Conde and her wife for doing something the professional gay activists couldn't or wouldn't do; Put an anti-gay bigot in their place.

Monday, March 23, 2015

when activism makes for strange bedfellows

I'm just minutes from finishing listening to the above podcast featuring Robert Oscar Lopez, a conservative professor at California State University, Northridge whom for several years now has been villifed by gay rights activists and organizations for his staunch anti-gay parenting activism.

Lopez has written articles against LGBT equality for right-wing publications like Public Discourse, Crisis Magazine, and American Thinker. He has a blog called English Manif, where he regularly posts anti-gay commentary.

As such, Lopez has claimed of a liberal plot to destroy him and his family.

Nonetheless, there were parts of the interview that I could not reject or ignore as rhetoric; Specifically, where he, Lopez, accuses the gay blogs of being involved in an organized effort to blacklist and discredit him, calling it or them a totalitarian or fascist movement.

This is something I've known myself all too well, based on my own experiences with the LGBT organizations, blogs, and writers.

Lopez is correct: The gay orgs and blogs and writers do, in fact, actively seek out to destroy, isolate, sometimes even terrorize others who do not support their narrowminded views.

They've been known to look under under every rock, dig up every flaw, exploit and distort and exaggerate everything you've ever done.

I've been wondering for years now here the people who doxxed me, which are the same group of activists and blogs and writers whom after gone after Lopez, are even gay or liberal.

How does one explain their open disdain and contempt for feminism, lesbians,the desire to shame, reject and humiliate people who turn their life around after a lifetime of dysfunction mired by homophobia and becomes a model citizen and tries to do good for the community...

Supporting transgenderism, a movement built on a foundation of lies, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, and racism?

In anticipation of having someone play the "guilt by association" card, another favorite tactic by those who claims to be champions of liberalism, at my expense, I don't trust Lopez in the sense that he can refer to my own experience and use what has taken place to validate his.

That's because the gay websites and blogs he named in the above linked interview are not wrong about him: When Lopez is not busily comparing same sex couples to slaveowners and warning they should not raise children because they are abusive and pedophilic, he self publishes gay fiction novels that borderline abusive and pedophilic.

If I'm wrong about the man, he can respond thru social media, the comments sections, or e-mail.

Somewhat related: There is now a smear campaign in play against Zoey Tur. Think Progress and The Advocate have run authoritative and overwhelming documented articles critizing Tur for her so called contentious commentaries on CNN and elsewhere and are questioning her validity as a media spokesperson and trans woman.

These articles are bullshit, an orchestrated smear campaign against someone who dared to speak a truth the so called left does not want heard.

But will Tur credit me for saying these are attack pieces? No.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Puerto Rico ends its defense of gay marriage ban

As per Reuters and other news sources:

On Friday, March 21,The Puerto Rican government announced it will no longer defend a law that bans same-sex couples from marrying and does not recognize the validity of such marriages performed in other jurisdictions, the U.S. commonwealth's attorney general announced on Friday.

The announcement coincided with the filing of a government brief before the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, where the Puerto Rico law is being challenged, and one year after several gay couples in Puerto Rico filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Puerto Rican laws that define marriage as between a man and a woman, as well as those that prohibit same-sex marriage and the recognition of such marriages.

While Gay Inc and their minions are celebrating, a reminder we still need the First Circuit Of Appeals to rule on the constitutionality of those Puerto Ricans laws.  

In the meantime, let's enjoy a little schandenfraude at the expense of the anti-gay christian movement who have been going apeshit over Puerto Rican's decision not to support those laws:

Lead by The Archbishop of San Juan, Roberto Gonzalez Nieves, Religious and Opposition lawmakers criticized Friday's announcement accusing Gov. Alejandro García Padilla and the Puerto Rican Justice Department of imposing changes instead of consulting with the public and holding a referendum.

But save the best response for Wanda Rolon, a Puerto Rican pastor who is a vocal opponent of marriage equality and appears to have gone completely apeshit. Rolon has been quoted by the local media as saying God will punish the island if marriage equality became the law of the land in Puerto Rico. On her Facebook, she wrote, "Today is a disastrous day for the history of Puerto Rico. The government not only violated the earthly laws, though they swore to defend. They rebelled against God himself, but the Lord has not lost a single battle. Keep praying AWR."

For several years now, Puerto Rico has been plagued by a bad economy and an astronomical crime rate. I have friends who have been forced to leave the island because of it.  Univision no longer has a news division because they couldn't afford to pay their staff.  In all the years I've been a blogger and activist, I have never, ever, received a statement or press release from Rolon demanding justice for the victims of violent crimes driven by bigotry.

I would ask my fellow activists and bloggers in Puerto Rico, but I don't think anyone lives there anymore.  

Oh, and if you're wondering about Pedro Julio Serrano.... Pedro Julio blocked me on social media after tried to demand some accountability and transparency from him over a number of unfortunate incidents involving LGBT activists.

Despite several so called social justice warriors" thanking him for his leadership, he has no credit to yesterday's decision.  No one likes him, no one wants him around or could care less if he's in Puerto Rico or New York, and everyone, that includes friend and foe considers him an opportunist rather than equality advocate.


Friday, March 20, 2015

a week of fail


Elton John.

Zoey Tur.

Social justice warriors on Twitter and Facebook.

The gay media.


Irish Queers

Transgenders and their gay and straight allies.

What do above mentioned all have in common?

They all represent or are representative of a week of failure for LGBT activism.

To be fair to the outrage queens, because I can and they can't, Dolce&Gabbana proved freedom of speech does not mean you get to say whatever you want without consequences. And rightfully so, they were called out.

On the hand other, the man who leading the campaign against the fashion designers himself failed the gay community. Days after calling for a boycott, Sir Elton John was caught carrying a Dolce&Gabbana in Los Angeles. In doing so, he proves the adage, do as I say, not as I do.

Oh, and nice try, Sir Elton, on accusing everyone of a photoshop conspiracy.

This week, Zoey Tur became the latest victim in an all too troubling trend involving transgender activists and their allies villifying anyone who strays from what they consider to be acceptable dialogue and terminology about transgender people. The former and latter who just love tearing people down every chance they get, and always without consequences.

Unfortunately, Zoey is behaving a bit arrogantly herself too, and wants to pick and choose who can't or cannot be on her side of the cause.

Likewise, the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender social justice warriors on Twitter and Facebook.  They keep proving over and over and over again, they don't give a fuck about the things they're fighting on behalf of.  All they want to do is pick fights with whoever is the most popular on Twitter and Facebook and get points for it, and become popular in return.  Then they, in turn, will tear down others less popular than them.

The gay media failed the gay community. First there was that farce that took place this past weekend in Philadelphia hosted the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and sponsored by the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund. Supposedly attendees were invited to build their journalism skills, learn more about LGBT-centric topics beyond marriage equality and employment law and expand audiences through on-site media training with broadcast experts.  But the event is or was mired in open secrecy, and every time an accountability and transparency activist tried to hold them accountable, they were shamed, ridiculed, and dismissed.  

Then there is Media Matters, lauding a CBS NEWS segment about the military’s ban on transgender service members. They called the segment, "an example for other networks on how to properly cover transgender stories."

Transgenders are not exactly of sound mind and body.

Media Matters ought to know better than to promote a special interest group whose ideology is built on a foundation of lies.

OUT@NBCUniversal pulled a fast one on the Irish gay community when they marched in The New York City Saint Patrick's Day Parade, proving once and for all Gay Inc are bullies.  On the other Irish Queers, the group cheated out of making history, can't complain too much.  They're the only ethnic group who complains about their special interest parade.   Puerto Ricans, Italians, and other minority groups don't have this problem.  If gay Puerto Ricans or Italians, we just do.

I would love to hear from someone at Irish Queers on their future plans, but they won't be heard from again until late Fall.

Fortunately, there is good news. It's Friday.